December 25, 2006

A Christmas tale…

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Foggy LoughboroughIt all started with a little bit of fog on my last evening in Loughborough….London City airport departure board


By the time I left for my train to London most flights seemed to be running on schedule. On the train though, I received a txt that my flight had been cancelled and this is how the departure board looked like on the night of 21 December…..




October 26, 2006

Lacoste Wedding 2006 in Florence, Italy

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It is always an exciting moment when a good friend is getting married. Even more exciting when they are brave enough to chose me as their best man and the wedding takes place in the most romantic of cities…Florence!

The wedding took place in a little church in the city centre and was full of highlights – from the digeridoo that marked the beginning of the ceremony to musical contributions by parents and friends (Tiiiiiloooo rocks!). Something to share with all German speakers a story about love and time.

Lacoste wedding

For further pictures just click here or on the picture.

Attached to this post is a audio file for native speakers of Alemanisch…well worth it!




August 12, 2006

Homegrown tomatoes and homemade bread

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What a life!! The sun has not been shining very much recently but my tomatoes made it and changed their colour to red ;-) Brilliant! The green stuff (cabage, peas, spinach..) is doing incredibly fine.
< Also, I am quite fond of my breadmaker that serves proper German style bread in the UK for very little money! I might have to have a slice just now…
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